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Coordinating and Monitoring Quality Information for the Copernicus Services: Case Study with Optical Data.


Magellium and ESA are pleased to annonce a new publication of Sébastien Saunier and al. in IEEE related to quality coordination and monitoring for Copernicus services.

Abstract : One of the key elements of Copernicus is its Space Component (CSC). Beyond the development of the Sentinel missions, the CSC also entails the coordination of assets made available by the data providers of Copernicus Contributing Mission (CCMs) to implement a synergistic and complete operational system-of-systems in Europe for the provision of Earth Observation (EO) data. In the framework of Copernicus, ESA is in charge of developing an efficient and harmonised system to facilitate access to relevant EO data by the Copernicus Service Projects (CSPs). This is achieved through the implementation of the Copernicus Space Component Data Access (CSCDA).

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Individual estimation of X ray dose received by patient during digital mammography

PhD mammography

On October 22th, Sophie Ribes has received her Ph.D. degree in radiophysics and medical imaging from Paul Sabatier University of Toulouse. Her work was founded and co-supervised by Magellium. The purpose of the thesis was the individual estimation of the X-ray dose received by patients during mammography.

Sophie has developed a methodology to estimate the 3D configuration of breast components (skin, gland, muscle and fat) during the mammography exam and estimate by Monte-Carlo simulation the radiation received by the gland.

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WHISPER 2014 – 6th workshop on Hyperspectral image and signal processing : Evolution in remote sensing


Magellium was present at WHISPER 2014 ( in Lausanne last June. The aim of this workshop is to bring together all the people involved in hyperspectral data processing.

In the frame of the conference, Magellium has exposed results using ADMM for pan-sharpening fusion. To read the publication

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7th IGRSM international conference and exhibition on remote sensing & GIS – Kuala Lumpur

IGRSM 2014

Magellium was present in April at IGRSM 2014 ( in Kuala Lumpur – Malaysia.

The main goal of this conference is to disseminate knowledge and to share expertise and experiences in geospatial sciences on all aspect of applications. It also aims to build linkage between local and international professionals in this field with industries. The theme for this conference is “Geospatial Innovation for Nation Building”.

In the frame of the conference, Magellium has exposed MagHD a new approach to multi-dimensional geodata storage, analysis, display and exploitation. To read the publication

Technical paper

JACIE 2014 – Louisville Kentucky (25-28 March 2014)

JACIE 2014

Magellium was present at JACIE 2014 conferences ( in Louisville Kentucky last 25-28 March.

The growing number of commercial sources for remotely sensed data offers users more choices than ever before. The key to using data from these new sources is understanding their characteristics and capabilities, and the quality of the data they produce.

In the frame of the conference, Magellium has presented the development of Coordinated Quality Control program of ESA (CQC). Read the presentation at