Drinking water GIS (French Ministry of Health – 2014)

Redesign of the public information website of the Ministry of Health on the quality of drinking water.

The French Ministry of Health wants to renew its public information website about the quality of drinking water by using an advanced GIS solution. Magellium has been awarded to realize this development in order to manage, analyze and view all of available data from the water catchment area to the distribution in homes.

The objectives of this project are to:

  • Improve information to consumers about the origin and quality of water,
  • Facilitate monitoring procedures of Regional Health Agencies (ARS) to protect drinking water catchments,
  • Improve access for professionals to water resources protection facilities,
  • Provide decision support to Regional Health Agencies in case of crisis (pollution),
  • Comply with the European Directive 98/83 / EC on the quality of water intended for human consumption.

Tasks to realize within the project are:

  • Design phase (centralized database, public & internal applications),
  • Development of the platform (implementation of the platform, design of the business data model,  integration of geographic “Naomis” data and specific “Sise-water” data),
  • Development of the internal application (version 1.0).

The main technologies used to realize this one year GIS development project are:

  • ESRI: arcGIS for desktop 10.2, arcGIS for server 10.2,
  • Database: PostgreSQL 9.1.3, Informix 11.50,
  • OS: Windows 7, RedHat 6, Windows 2008R2,
  • Scripts & development: ESRI ArcGIS API for Javascript 3.10, Talend Open Studio 4.
SIG Eau Potable

Screenshot of the application.