GeoSciences portal (Confidential – since 2012).

The aim of this project is to provide geologists in a major Oil & Gas company with a single secure access to their geosciences databases. A search engine combined with a commercial GIS has been implemented to provide advanced search functionalities.

This project aims to provide a unified and secure access to the geoscience heritage of a major oil industry player through a web portal using advanced information technology tools .

Performance and security requirement are high, in particular when providing a 24/7 service worldwide to almost 2000 users.

The portal runs the same powerful search engine found on most popular web portals (search engines, social networks, commercial sites…). The search engine relies on index data extracted from the various geosciences databases. In addition, an integrated cartographic tool can be used to refine searches with advanced geographic filters.

In response to user requests, the portal will provide a set of standardised forms allowing fast access to summary business data. The user can then access both quantitative and specific data presented on job fact sheets (values tables, geographic maps with vectorial layers).

The portal will be compatible with remote applications on smartphones or tablets adapted for internet browsing policies and other constraints (touch screen, reduced screen size, limited bandwidth…).

Magellium is leading of an industrial consortium of four companies (PolySpot, AEON Consulting, Beeware). Key technologies used for the project are:

  • ESRI software suite,
  • Format conversions (ETL): Safe software (FME),
  • Databases: ORACLE,
  • Firewall web application: Appliance BeeWare,
  • Programming technologies: HTML, Java,
  • Indexing technology: Lucene/SolR.

Geosciences portalScreenshot of the search engine.