KHEPER and MGP (French MoD – 2008/2016)

Cartographic production and dissemination systems of the French MoD DNG3D programme.

KHEPER aims to supply the Inter-army Geographic Establishment (EGI, France) with all the resources needed to produce, control and disseminate geographic and cartographic data:

  • Geographic data production workshops,
  • Workshops in geographic product qualification,
  • Workshop in site management planning,
  • System for overseeing internal and external production,
  • Geographic data dissemination.

The expected annual productivity of KHEPER is:

  • 500 scanned maps,
  • Several thousand ortho-images,
  • 150 VMAP2i/MGCP square degrees processed,
  • One thousand USRP/ASRP vector to raster maps,
  • 10 city maps.

MGP covers the setting up of the cartographic processing chain for the Deployable Geographic Modules (MGP) of the Deployable Geographic Chain (CGP) for the French MoD. This production chain, deployed in operating theatres, is designed to complement the urban geographic information production systems developed by the DNG3D program. Magellium is in charge of the following sub-systems:

  • Vector mapping data processing: – loading / capturing / updating / controlling / exporting / version management,
  • Cartographic production: rasterisation of vector data / layout/production of themed maps / exporting raster products,
  • Catalogue: an external, autonomous application for consulting available data.

KHEPER and MGP solutions have the following common technical characteristics:

  • Modeling and implementation of MGCP and VMAP cartographic data at urban levels (1/50.000, 1/250.000 and 1/1.000.000) using ArGIS Server Basic,
  • Implementation of a complete, adapted entry environment for capturing geographic information on source images,
  • Cartographic generalisation tools and processes- 1/50.000th to 1/100.000th and 1/250.000th,
  • Management of production processes using ESRI PLTS/JTX (Job Tracking),
  • Workshops in defense geographic data production.


Screenshot of KHEPER user interface.