GT Metrix is a software suite that provides an efficient environment for image or vector registration by interactive geometric fitting.

GTMetrix provides the user with a real time WYSIWYG geometric editing environment. It can make use of GPU acceleration to improve further performances and reduce CPU load. One of its strength is the clear separation of actual data from its geometric model thanks to Open XML metadata format.

GTMetrix is composed of three modules:

  • GTEdit: data import, user interface and scriptable engine,
  • GTAdjust: interactive geometric editing, global bundle adjustment + local Delaunay fitting,
  • GTRectify: off-screen 100 MPixel/mn batch rectification (disk output).

GTMetrix can be used for various applications:

  • High precision cadastral & legacy scanned maps georeferencing & mosaicking,
  • Raster & Vector data geometric consistency improvement,
  • Pixel precision image mosaicking with local distortion to cope with small geometric discrepancies & complex masking (cloud removal).