OrthoADJUST is a software that provides efficient solutions for spatiotriangulation, orthorectification, on-the-fly global & local georeferencing…

OrthoAdjust is built upon two field-proven software components : TERRActive and OrthoDEM (based of MicMac algorithm of IGN). These software have been used by IGN to digitize up to 600,000 land registry maps. They are also in used in a large-scale orthorectification workshop delivered by Magellium to an export customer in 2012.Over the years, Ortho Adjust has been polished from numerous feedbacks. It offers now superior ergonomics, ease of handling and reliability over competing tools.

Modern in design, it can meet the highest technical standards from our customers and includes:

  • OrthoAdjust: spatiotriangulation, global and local georeferencing, orthorectification on the fly, mosaicking and radiometric harmonization
  • Command-line computation tools for generation of orthorectified images
  • DEM computation from satellite imagery

Key points:

  • Adaptability: reactive production or large scale,
  • Performance: optimized architecture, GPU-computing,
  • Reliability: many years of production in various operational contexts,
  • Compatibility: all types of satellite images and supporting data orthoimage and DEM,
  • Ergonomics: easy handling by non-expert operators.

Overall workflow of OrthoAdjust.