VALSE (ESA – 2012/2013)

Validation of Sentinel-2 Biophysical Prototype Products using ESA field campaigns.

In the context of the Copernicus European Earth Observation Programme, the Sentinel-2 mission is central for a number of applications, in particular the generation of biogeophysical maps.

The VALSE project will contribute to the preparation of the L2b processor development before Sentinel-2 launch and support geophysical algorithm development, validation and simulation of future Sentinel-2 biophysical products. The activity focuses on a priority set of L2b products expected to be in high demand from users:

  • Land cover classification,
  • LAI,
  • FAPAR,
  • Leaf chlorophyll content,
  • Leaf water content.

To achieve this goal, ESA test campaigns, conducted in the past few years, are used. Both ground measurements and airborne or spaceborne observations are available. They include the following campaigns, which are located on the next figure.

  • Sparc (2003) and Sparc (2004),
  • Sen2Flex (2005),
  • Agrisar (2006),
  • Eagle (2006),
  • CEFLES2 (2007),
  • Sentinel-3 experimental campaign (2009).

The earth observation and physical measurements team of Magellium is involved in two tasks:

  • Analysis of the campaign datasets in order to assess their suitability for the validation of S2 products and for the generation of reference data used for the validation. This analysis addresses both geometry, radiometry and spectral data quality aspects,
  • The simulation of Sentinel 2 products using the selected airborne data.

VALSE thumbnail

Campaign sites available for the study.