• Magellium, an Esri France partner for many years, has obtained an additional certification: "Release Ready"

    This certification ensures our ability to successfully upgrade versions of the latest ESRI platform solutions, made available by the publisher.
    With this certification, Magellium confirms its close collaboration in the ESRI ecosystem in a sustainable and perennial manner.

  • New job opportunities at Magellium

    Magellium has several open positions for GIS, IT and image processing engineers at Magellium Toulouse & Paris (Courbevoie).

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    Engineers sponsorship by Magellium

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Putting knowledge on the map

Earth Observation
GIS & Mapping
Geo Intelligence
Computer Vision & Robotics

Earth Observation

Our know-how is highly relevant for satellite, aerial or UAV imagery, we have expert knowledge of sensors & image processing. Learn more about our earth observation solutions on our dedicated website.

Earth observation

Sensor geometry & image processing

Our area of greatest depth and expertise is geometric handling of data, from instrument model and focal plane image all the way to an orthorectified and projected image. Our experience in image processing ranges from SAR to optical high-resolution. We offer techniques for pattern recognition, cloud detection, radiative transfer modelling, image compression, co-registration of images.

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Earth observation CAL / VAL

Calibration/Validation & Quality Control

We have experts for both multi-missions Cal/Val and QC processes. Calibration is a set of operations that establishes, under specified conditions, the relationship between quantities indicated by a measuring instrument or measuring system and the corresponding values realised by standards. Validation is the process of assessing by independent means the quality of the data products derived from the system outputs.

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ngEO framework

Earth Observation User Services

Earth Observation (EO) user services is a major area of development for us in support of the Copernicus (the European Earth Observation Programme) and in the wider sense of “integrated applications” which exploit the fusion of satellite and terrestrial data.  Our knowledge of advanced IT technologies (web, cloud, big data visualisation…) and state of the art map production/GIS techniques helps us develop new, innovative low cost services based on Earth Observation data.

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Magellium in the Catalogue of French Space Industry

Discover our dedicated website here.

GIS & Mapping

We integrate third-party GIS solutions for various applications and handle challenging security, mobility and data fusion issues. We can deliver generic tools for large scale map production and dissemination.

Geographic Information System

GIS integration & business applications

Magellium has a recognised experience in the development and the maintenance of business applications in various sectors (i.e. transportation, utilities, energy, security…). Depending on the project context and according technical or economical criteria, we will recommend the most appropriate third party GIS solutions (i.e. ArcGIS ESRI or open source) . Our developments rely on the reuse of qualified and mastered components.

Advanced Information Technologies

The web has completely changed information system development so that now GIS is also a matter of security, big data handling and mobility. To meet these requirements, we integrate and implement in most of our developments powerful indexation engines (i.e. Lucene/SolR), web security framework (WAF) and we rely on programming languages compliant with mobile implementation (i.e. Java, HTML5…).

KHEPER platform

Map production & Dissemination

Based on our experience in system integration and software development for the French MoD and the French National Geographic Institute, we can deliver a range of software tools to produce, manage and deliver up to date multiscale geospatial products. The solution includes legacy data scan, orthoimagery processing, raster & vector production, dataflow management and QC.

Geo Intelligence

Our expertise covers the whole SDI (Spatial Data Infrastucture) life cycle from open source intelligence (OSINT) to emergency mapping production.

Geo intelligence

OSINT collection and analytics

We carry out generic or specific GeoINT studies for security or environmental purposes on various African and Middle Eastern countries on the basis of a large qualified OSINT collection dealing with more that 50 subjects of interest such as protected areas, land cover, borders, geopolitics, tourism…. Data integration and dissemination are done in standard geographic formats such as DFDD.

Geo intelligence

SDI life cycle monitoring

For many stakeholders, monitoring the Spatial Data Infrastructure (SDI) life cycle and possible deterioration has political, strategic and financial value. Based on open source information, we provide solutions to decide when new sources acquisitions are necessary to update map assets.

Geo intelligence

Rapid map production

We provide solutions for rapid mapping production over wide areas in constrained time (days to weeks). Our offer is based on the knowledge of open sources availability, a strong partnership with the main EO operators, a limited but highly reactive inhouse technical & human production capacity and a network of subcontractors, regularly controlled and evaluated.

Computer Vision & Robotics

Our expertise in geometry and image processing is valuable in many robotics and opto-electronics applications ranging from 2D/3D pattern recognition to vision-based localisation.

Pattern recognition

Object and pattern recognition

Based on high level skills in imaging technologies (sensors, image classification, video, data compression, algorithmics), we develop image processing chains for optoelectronics applications involving passive or active sensors for maritime surveillance, drone image acquisition, object detection…

NCI - No Contact Inspection

Non Contact Inspection

We recommend and develop solutions based on active imaging and powerful 3D reconstruction algorithms to carry out non-contact inspection (NCI), reverse engineering (CAD model creation) or metrology applications.

Vision-based localisation

We develop vision-based solutions to tackle 3D localisation issues (indoor & outdoor) for autonomous robot navigation and markerless augmented reality applications. Our skills range from various SLAM implementations (Simultaneous Localisation & Mapping) to multisensor hybridisation (IMU / Vision / GPS).