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Techno Day 2016 (31 Mars – Palais Beaumont – Pau)

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Member of AeroSpaceValley, Magellium will attend the Techno Day 2016 in Pau (Palais Beaumont – 31 Mars 2016). You are welcome to visit us on our booth to discuss with our sales and technical representatives. Don’t miss our solution INGRID for data processing chain development and testing (image, vidéo …) ; this software platform has been developped for the DGA and used notably at ONERA or CEA.

More info at :

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Recruiting GIS, IT and image processing engineers at Magellium Paris & Toulouse (december 2015)

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Magellium opens several GIS, IT and image processing engineers positions at Magellium Toulouse & Paris (La Défense area). You will find more information at joinus.

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Recruiting GIS & IT engineers at Magellium Paris (december 2015)

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Magellium opens 4 GIS & IT engineers positions at Magellium Toulouse & Paris (La Defense area). You will find more information at joinus.

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Certification ISO9001

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Magellium is proud to annonce that its integrated Business Management System has been declared compliant and certified to the ISO9001 international management standards (see details here).

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ESRI SIG 2015 (Booth #16)


Member of the ESRI Partner network, Magellium will attend the ESRI SIG 2015 conference in Versailles 7 & 8 october 2015. You are welcome to visit us at booth #16 to discuss with our sales representatives and ESRI specialists.

Don’t miss Prefecture de Police de Paris and STIF conferences on the 8th with the participation of Magellium (more details at

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Coordinating and Monitoring Quality Information for the Copernicus Services: Case Study with Optical Data.


Magellium and ESA are pleased to annonce a new publication of Sébastien Saunier and al. in IEEE related to quality coordination and monitoring for Copernicus services.

Abstract : One of the key elements of Copernicus is its Space Component (CSC). Beyond the development of the Sentinel missions, the CSC also entails the coordination of assets made available by the data providers of Copernicus Contributing Mission (CCMs) to implement a synergistic and complete operational system-of-systems in Europe for the provision of Earth Observation (EO) data. In the framework of Copernicus, ESA is in charge of developing an efficient and harmonised system to facilitate access to relevant EO data by the Copernicus Service Projects (CSPs). This is achieved through the implementation of the Copernicus Space Component Data Access (CSCDA).

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Magellium partner of RTE for GIS projects

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Magellium has been selected as the key partner to provide assistance to RTE for its GIS projects within the Industrial Department Tool for a period of five years (two year optional). A team of 15 to 20 GIS experts and engineers of Magellium will work in the premises of RTE (Ile de France) with managers in defining, structuring, leveraging technical choices and steering GIS needs of RTE.

The IT department of RTE Industrial Tool program provides services to 6.000 users, particularly in operations, maintenance and engineering:

  • Manage RTE industrial legacy data,
  • Manage maintenance operation tasking,
  • Facilitate environment regulation handling in the activities,
  • Provide calculations capabilities for energy transportation engineering.
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Recruiting engineers at Magellium Paris (june 2015)

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To support its development, Magellium opens 3 engineers positions (IT consulting and software development) for projects in Paris and Ile de France. You will find more information at joinus.

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Magellium Launches LocKeeper, a vision-based embedded solution for geo-location

logo_locKeeperHDAfter several months of development, laboratory & real condition testing, Magellium is pleased to announce the launch of LocKeeper, an vision-based embedded solution for geo-location for autonomous vehicles. This solution has been developed in partnership with DelairTech in the frame of a RAPID project of the DGA (French MoD procurement agency). A flight demonstration on mini-drone was conducted recently in the presence of experts of the French MoD who cheered system performance – first no GPS flight of an autonomous mini UAV in France.

LocKeeper solution makes autonomous vehicles less dependent on GPS availability and provides a better geo-location accuracy. Do not hesitate to contact us for more information.

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Philae is waking up… the exploration of Chury about to resume ?


After 7 months of waiting, Rosetta has just captured signs of life Philae robot. It seems that the robot is out of hibernation for several days now and is ready to get back to work. Rosetta will have to change now its trajectory to optimize its radio link with Philae, without compromising its own scientific activities and safety.

Regarding the relevance and quality of the work conducted by Magellium for CNES last year on image processing and analysis of CIVA and ROLIS instruments, Magellium will be again on board to help scientists to control Philae and to characterize Chury environment.

Magellium is proud to contribute to this human, scientific and technical adventure.