Mapathon Missing Maps



Magellium, in partnership with Airbus DS, sponsors a Mapathon on Thursday 19th January, bringing together 40 people from Airbus DS, Magellium and partners (IGN, CNES, ISAE).

This mapathon, organized by CartONG as part of the Missing Map, aims to produce a map in 3 hours of an area of interest for an ongoing humanitarian operation. CartONG and MSF have chosen a refugee camp in northern Uganda (border with southern Sudan), zone 4 du camp Yumbe en Ouganda, that has to face the arrival of 400,000 people since early 2016.

Airbus DS will provide recent Pleiades images and will make use of OneAtlas service to assess imaging from OpenStreetMap(OSM) mapping tools. Magellium will then implement its solution MAGOSM to assess OSM vector data.