Augmented Reality (Energy and Defence industrials – since 2011)

Three major companies in the Energy and Defence markets have selected Magellium to develop a proof of concept for the use of marker-less augmented reality for industrial maintenance operations.

Today, thanks to advances in image processing and computer vision it is possible to calculate the position of a camera in real-time in a defined environment using Simultaneous Location and Mapping (SLAM) algorithms. Augmented reality systems have immediate applications in training, intervention assistance or maintenance.

Augmented reality overlays on a video flow in real-time, contextual data related to equipment viewed by the camera. Depending on the application, an operator equipped with a camera-integrated tablet will:

  • Be accurately guided to specific equipment in the environment,
  • See the different phases of the equipment maintenance procedure displayed as the intervention is occurring,
  • Access information about equipment function or maintenance.

Magellium is responsible for the entire augmented reality system production chain from 3D data acquisition to creation of user friendly applications taking into account task ergonomics, as well as publishing of augmented elements. The framework allows marker-less localisation and can be customised to satisfy the specific requirements of many sectors (aeronautics, automotive, industry, defence…).

Magellium and its partner Robocortex created a complete demonstrator in less than 6 months using SCRUM, an AGILE software development methodology. The demonstrator integrates both third-party and Magellium components (i.e. MagBot).