Coordinated Quality Control (ESA – 2010/2014)

The Coordinated Quality Control (CQC) component is responsible for monitoring and storing all quality reports related to the missions, datasets and products involved in Copernicus, the European Earth Observation Programme

The Coordinated Quality Control (CQC) is the CSCDA (Copernicus Space Component Data Accesscomponent in charge of monitoring the quality of the EO DataSets and of coordinating the provision of data quality information to the users. Quality information is based upon CCM (Copernicus Contributing Missions) input specifications and quality parameters, that are made available to the users in a harmonised way. The CQC monitors that the data providers maintain the specified quality level and also monitors the corresponding user satisfaction.

In more detail, the CQC functions are :

  • Capitalise background information in particular reference data specifications for each type of product or instrument.
  • Perform regular data quality control activities (validation) to ensure that the delivered products/dataset conform to specifications (specification defined in the data access portfolio document[1][i] and specification associated to mission, sensor / product).
  • Initiate harmonisation initiatives among data providers with purposes to harmonise aspects such product format, product processing algorithms, calibration / validation methodologies, quality metrics.
  • Provide helpdesk support to process data quality related issues.

By operating the CQC, Magellium demonstrates that it has significant operational competences, technical knowledge of all remote sensing missions contributing to Copernicus and a full understanding of the DAP (Data Access Policy) and the SLAs (Service Level Agreements) agreed with each CCM.

The daily operations of the CQC service are carried out by an integrated team composed of data operators and remote sensing experts. The key features of the software components are:

  • Design to handle Optical, SAR and Atmospheric data,
  • EO processing infrastructure dedicated to data processing (validation),
  • Storage, indexation, and publication of quality information.


ESA CQC Helpdesk.