Geographic Information Center (Middle East – since 2011)

This complete system has been developed and integrated for a Middle Eastern country (confidential) to supply a production center for geographic data, using aerial photography, satellite imagery or existing paper maps.

This scalable cartographic production solution is based on two concepts : (i) production and control of geographic information (image and vector) within dedicated multi-operator workshops and (ii) management, publication and dissemination of products within a Geographic Information Centre. The software solutions developed or integrated by Magellium include:

  • Scanning of large volumes of paper maps,
  • Ortho-rectification and geo-referencing,
  • Capturing & updating geographic objects,
  • Cataloguing and production management,
  • User training,
  • Product dissemination.

The system is hosted in a dedicated building designed by Magellium and its partners, including an IT system (fast and secure network, 20+ data and application servers, 160 workstations) operated by over 100 full-time staff. The system is organised around several interconnected workshops:

  • Ortho/Scan: production and updating of a raster map database by scanning hundreds of paper maps and adding data from orthoimage products (satellite imagery),
  • QC: evaluation, control and qualification of products: scanned maps, orthoimages, DEM…,
  • Vector: production of vector products,
  • Tasking: managing operations and defining the work to be carried out,
  • GeoPortal: dissemination of geographic products through a secured web access.

Magellium is prime contractor for the project and has worked with 12 sub-contractors. This project is expected to last a minimum of seven years (development, deployment, training, evolution, and maintenance). Since June 2011, the project has mobilized 60+ engineers (full-time) at Magellium.

The project was developed using a range of state of the art technologies in the field of digital geography and information systems:

  •      ESRI product range (ArcGIS Server, ArcInfo, PLTS, ArcGlobe),
  •      Conversion format (ETL) : Safe Software FME,
  •      Web Application Firewall : Appliance BeeWare,
  •      Programming technologies : Java / Eclipse RCP, Ext4,
  •      Open source : JOSM, PostGres,
  •      Magellium proprietary software components.


Principle of interconnected workshops around a central tasking system.