ngEO (ESA – 2011/2014)

The ngEO project will deliver a complete redesign, re-engineering and reimplementation of ESA’s on-line user services for Earth Observation data

Magellium Limited (UK subsidiary) is Prime Contractor for the ngEO project which is divided into two distinct phases:

  • Design Phase, in which the ngEO system design was refined, starting from a high-level component breakdown specified by ESA. The end result of the Design Phase was a set of documents (architecture, requirements, ICDs) that completely define the ngEO system and make it “ready for implementation”,
  • Implementation Phase, in which the generic ngEO system is implemented according to the specifications, and then configured and customised for the various Customer Programmes (mainly the Copernicus CDS, the Sentinels and Legacy Missions).

There were 6 subcontractors for the phase 1 work from across Europe, including Magellium France.

NgEO is built upon infrastructure elements and standards that already exist or are being developed in parallel by ESA:

  • The network and security infrastructure,
  • The Heterogeneous Mission Accessibility (HMA) interoperability infrastructure, as implemented by the Data Access Integration Layer (DAIL),
  • The Single Sign-On Infrastructure (SSO),
  • The Statistics & Reporting Data Warehouse,
  • The OpenSearch Geospatial Extension initiative (OGC – EC/ESA GENESI-DR).


ngEO Context.