Parcel Database (IGN – since 2004)

Development of a cartographic production system dedicated to a cadastral database of IGN (French Geographic Institute). This database is composed of more than 550 000 cadastral sheets, raster and vector, georeferenced and assembled, across the whole of France.

The production system currently deployed at IGN premises is composed of more than 60 workstations, data servers and data processors for geometric re-projection/transformation. It includes a control system of production that has been operated continuously for several years to ensure the initial constitution of the Parcel DB and its maintenance (10 to 20% of cadastral sheets are changed every year).

During the first phase of the project (data integration), IGN has outsourced a large part of the production to service companies that were equipped with the production tools of IGN. This choice was made to ensure high productivity and high quality of the geometric transformations performed.

From a qualitative point of view, the production lines were controlled by IGN regarding compliance with the projection formulas used and the centimeter precision calculations for all coordinate systems in use on the French territory including RGF93 and Lambert-93 (relatively new at the time).

The project has been realised with the tools of GeoTexel acquired by Magellium end of 2009:

  • GTAdjust : georeferencing / reprojection /mosaicking “on the fly”  raster cadastral plans (GPU-accelerated),
  • GTRectify: command-line tool to generate raster tiles conform to the specifications of IGN: georeferencing / reprojection / assembly,
  • GTServ: raster data servers to serve extremely rapidly the BDOrtho to the workstations,
  • GesProd: web application to control the positions of raster and vector production and subcontracting.

The cartographic production solution developed for IGN relies on standard technologies:

  • Windows XP, Windows Server, SQL Server, IIS,
  • GPU : OpenGL,
  • Geometric re-projection : GDLIB,
  • File format : JPEG2000, GeoTiff, XML, DXF, DGN, MIF/MID, SHP,
  • Projections : NTF, RGF93, Lambert zone, Lambert-93 9 zones, UTM…

GT Metrix_400x300

Screenshot of the production manager.