SPRINT (French MoD – 2013/2015)

This 2 year R&D programme for the French MoD aims to define the next generation of rapid map production methodologies.

Since 2003, the French MoD has been involved in a major map production effort combining French map data with the data received from allies through the multinational programme MGCP.

The overall programme covers about 30 million km² corresponding to the major areas of interest, as defined in the 2013 French MoD White Paper. Simultaneously, the French MoD has acquired a large number of city plans with heterogeneous data quality.

All combined these maps are a valuable asset but considering the different scales (from 1:50000 to 1:5000) and the high level of activity over the regions of interest (i.e. demographic changes, industrialisation…), some of the data is already obsolete.

The aim of the SPRINT project is to propose and test new solutions to reduce the map production time and therefore more efficiently meet the operational needs of the French MoD. The main objectives of the project are:

  • Production or update of L2 (1:50000 data bases & maps), L4 (1:10000 databases & maps) and 3D production of urban areas and critical assets or targets,
  • Development and qualification of change detection algorithms (optical, radar, thermal and hyperspectral imagery),
  • Reuse of robust GeoINT and imaging solutions (SAPOsdi™, INGRID…).

Magellium and Geo212 are co-contracting this project and rely on the active participation of four sub-contractors (Airbus DS, SIRS, Pixelius, Vectuel).