PROFIL (French MoD – since 2006)

PROFIL is a training platform developed for the French Defence Image Intelligence Training Center (CF3I).

The platform covers the full range of training steps, from course preparation to archiving of tests and evaluations. It is based on two interconnected software environments: a generic training platform and a suite of image processing & visualization software tools. It offers secure access to classified data and training materials.

Comprehensive On-Site Training Platform

The training platform offers functionalities for the creation and management of courses, exercises and tests as well as advanced administrative functions to handle trainee/instructor planning, classroom reservation and data access policies.

Teaching materials are produced with a PowerPoint like module handling multimedia data (text, image, sound and video) and dynamic multiple choice questionnaires. The platform also handles external document formats (doc, pdf…) to allow reuse and easy integration of legacy information.

Image Processing & Visualization Tools

In order to perform photo-interpretation, it provides efficient visualization and annotation functions compatible with large geographical datasets. A complete set of image processing tools is available for correcting image geometry or radiometry.

The system handles vector data (Shapefile, VMAP 2i, DXF formats), digital terrain models (DTED 1 and 2, SRTM) and scanned maps (USRP, ASPR, Defence maps).

The system can use a wide range of image data types, for example; optical satellite images (Spot 5, Quick Bird, Ikonos, Landsat…), SAR satellite images (ERS, Radarsat 1/2, Terrasar-X, ENVISAT ASAR…), airborne images, orthoimages (Géobase, Reference3D), as well as many image formats (TIFF, JPG, JP2, ECW, DIMAP…).